Pleasanton, CA, 94588


Sherrie Rager, P.h.D., CADC II

Certified Addiction Counselor

Addiction can take control of your life and make you feel like you have no power or control over your choices. I can help you take back control and beat substance abuse. If you've made the decision to "kick the habit" and have been unsuccessful in the past, I can help. Addiction is not who you are but something you can overcome. I have been counseling those with substance problems for over 15 years. We are all unique and there is more than one way to treat addiction, I don't believe in "one-size fits all" treatment.

Whether your goal is abstinence, moderation, or making healthier choices, I know how difficult it is to do alone. I will work with you to develop a personalized approach to achieve your goals. You can overcome this! Even if you are just contemplating change, I'll meet you where you are at in your journey.

You can see me in my private office or via telehealth (phone/video). I have flexible rates and understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance. Call me for a free phone consultation and start taking back control of your life today! Evening appointments are available, please visit my website for more info.

Issues I can help with:

Non-12-Step Recovery, Abstinence, Coping Skills, Alcohol, Relapse Prevention, Drugs, 12-Step Facilitation, Moderation, Chronic Relapse, Codependency

Services provided:

Family Court Assessments & Counseling, Consultations, Individual Counseling, Drug Testing, Alcohol and Drug Education, Second Opinion Assessment & Evaluations, Aftercare, Treatment Placement Assistance, Assessments & Evaluations, Court-Ordered Assessments & Counseling

Credential type:


Board certified in addiction medicine:


Can prescribe suboxone:


Accepting new clients/patients:


Types of counseling/therapy provided:

Person-Centered, Addiction Counseling, Strength-Based, Substance Abuse Counseling, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Trauma Informed Care, Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Experience in helping:

Seniors, Mandated Clients, Women, Men, LGBTQ, Executives, Adults

Years in practice:


Assessment/evaluation cost:


Session cost:


Court evaluations cost:


Sliding scale:


Out of network insurance billing:


In-network insurance accepted:

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