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Jessika Highers, ICADC, CADC, CCTP


Certified Addiction Counselor



Jessika Highers is an internationally certified substance abuse professional by trade, who has worked in the human services field for over a decade. Originally from Los Angeles, then Detroit, and now, Savannah, she offers services nationwide. Earning her Bachelor's of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, she began her career in addiction counseling as a clinician inside a county jail in Macomb, Michigan in 2008. Shortly after, she began offering services in offender reentry and rehabilitation. She earned her Master's of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology, with an emphasis on Behavioral Analysis in 2013, and moved to providing treatment in high-risk areas, including but not limited to addiction, MAT, trauma, PTSD, legal issues, stress reduction, coping skills, and LGBTQ+ populations. 


Jessika has a passion for helping those in need and has dedicated her life to doing so. Always rooting for the underdog, she has been a civil rights and criminal justice reform activist for 20 years, believing that everyone deserves a voice and an equal chance.


Pooler, GA, 31322

Brian Fontaine, CADACII


Addiction Counselor

I am an experienced councilor. I served as a pastor and Christian Counselor for 8 years, led 12 step recovery groups, and did marriage and family as well as addiction counseling. I have been a full time addiction counselor since 2017. I am the author of the Freedom Recovery program (FRP). The (FRP) integrates evidenced based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, and components of the 12 steps for a holistic approach to addiction and recovery. Unique to the Freedom Recovery Program (FRP) is a new way of looking at the addiction cycle and 5 concrete steps toward freedom.

Laporte, IN, 46350

April McLean, PsyD, LADC


Licensed Psychologist

  1. I work as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in both CT and FL, and I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in CT.
  2. We are currently living in a time of uncertainty and fear.  Feelings of anxiety and depression are significantly increased in people across the board.  For some, symptoms from past traumatic events are being triggered.  Other people are having increased conflict with their partner or they are struggling with the sudden transition into a full-time parenting/home schooling role.  Many people are using or abusing more substances as a way to cope.
  3. I create a comfortable environment that is accepting of all people, regardless of the place you are in or the hesitancy you may be feeling about beginning the process of therapy, treatment, or evaluation. I work with clients by developing a relationship through genuine and caring interactions, by meeting you in the present moment, and helping identify your strengths. This can help people work through making difficult decisions, supporting life transitions, and managing mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.
  4. I also specialize in EMDR treatment, not only for people with PTSD symptoms, but those who are looking to minimize substance abuse cravings and people with other mental health symptoms. EMDR is a treatment with a beginning and an end. Therefore, my approach is to meet as many times per week as a client’s schedule allows, so improvement is seen quickly.

Hartford , CT, 06106

Michael Green, CAPRC II


Addiction Coach

I have live two lives in one lifetime. I have lived the life of using. I have lived the life of a person in long term recovery since September 11, 1987. I am currently the Coordinator for the Porter County"s Mobile Integrated Response Team, responding to the opiate crisis in Northwest Indiana. I am a Smart Recovery facilitator, an active member in Celebrate Recovery and an active member of the 12 steps groups.


As a result of recovery coaching, a recoveree will be able to live happy, joyous and free from substance use. The lived experience of an recovery coach far exceeds the practice of therapy. Do you know of someone who would benefit from this support?


Lisa Kettering , MS, APC


Emotional abuse. Narcissistic abuse. A toxic relationship. It happens. “Why do his hurtful words haunt me? I can’t trust him nor myself. Can I ever do anything right? He's not who I married. I should have left his ass long ago.” His narcissistic ways created a mess within you. You are filled with fluctuating emotions. One day its anger. Another, you feel guilty & idolize him. You constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells. He has kept you from going to school or working. You can’t remember the last time you had a fun night out with the friends or family he keeps you away from. I help women heal from abuse, anxiety, & PTSD.

Women who work with me learn how to break free from anxiety, silence his voice, rebuild the sense-of-self he erased, and reclaim their happy-go-lucky self. Already left his ass and ready to date again? What if we could work on a dating blueprint while we work on you? Work with me, and you’ll learn to be a narcissist's worst nightmare!

I understand you, because I was you. My clients see me exclusively in a confidential, HIPAA-compliant online video environment. I work under supervision of Rebecca Graham, LPC, CPCS. Let your healing journey start right now. Book your FREE 15-Minute Consultation online or call me so we can determine if I am a good fit to guide you on your path to healing.

Acworth , GA, 30102

Charlotte Test, M.A., LCDC, CAADC


Licensed Addiction Counselor

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Y. Diana Johnson, M.A., LCDC


Licensed Addiction Counselor

My name is Y. Diana Johnson, I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. I received a master’s degree in psychology and substance abuse counseling from Aspen University with honors. It has been my inspiration to help people overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. My desire is to help guide individuals through their healing process.

Sometimes life gets tough but there is help available to guide you to your desired potentials. If left unmanaged substance abuse can spiral out of control. I chose to become an addiction counselor after I have seen addiction destroy family bonds, social relationships, and individuals. I am dedicated to helping individuals work through struggles in life such as addiction, lack of self-control, parenting issues, health, anger management, and more. I also specialize in substance abuse counseling. In collaboration with individuals, I strive to help family members repair their relationships by providing the needed skills and techniques to live a healthy productive life. I provide Solution-Focused Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to help individuals feel supported and in control of their own situations. I am able to provide traditional counseling and/or faith-based counseling. My individualized counseling sessions allow clients to incorporate biblical guidance and directions.


Austin, TX, 78714-4031

Shannon Rodgers, LADC


Licensed Addiction Counselor

We all suffer. Often, habits, thoughts, and substances that once made us feel safe and reduced our suffering become problematic. Together, we can work on eliminating behaviors that no longer serve you and replace them with healthier coping skills to improve your over all well-being.


I can help you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin through mindfulness and self compassion, decreasing the need for substances and behaviors that interfere with your growth, relationships, and satisfaction with life. I provide online counseling. allowing you to enjoy the benefits of counseling in your own home.

Eden, VT, 05652

Christina Sauceda, M.A., LCDC


Licensed Addiction Counselor

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Cindy Athey, MS, CAP


Licensed Addiction Counselor

I know it's scary to come here and look for help but you are in the right place. I can help you break free from depression, anxiety, family/relationship issues, codependency, addictions and other compulsive behaviors.


I provide nonjudgmental guidance & support to you along the way while you quickly learn to put healthy strategies into your life. This will help you become happier, feel free from what is dragging you down & confident in your abilities.


Over the past 15+ years, I have helped adults and teens learn the tools and skills needed to get their lives back into a well balanced state (being happier and less stressed). And I can help you too.


Here's how I will help you stop this negative cycle:

I will work with you to figure out what or who causes things to get worse.


I will help you come up with quick strategies that work for YOU to help you improve your mood and situation


I will help you create an individualized plan of these healthy strategies to help reduce your risk of relapse & have you feeling better quickly.


I can help you work on getting your driver's license back with a reasonably priced assessment and completion of the paperwork for DMV or the Court.

Clearwater, FL, 33771

Rebecca Sinclair, Ed.D, LMHC


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Rebecca Sinclair is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida.  She received her Master of Science in Counseling in 1997 from the University of Dayton and her Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University in 2016.  She has worked with adults, children, and adolescents in various treatment settings and modalities over the past 25 years. She is invested in keeping current with the most current research in the counseling field. She specializes in the areas of substance abuse treatment and intimate partner violence.  She has worked with intimate partner violence survivors for over ten years and in the substance abuse field for over five years.  Her counseling style is grounded on evidenced based Cognitive Behavior Therapy however it is tailored to include Humanistic Therapy as well.  Rebecca believes that your unique set of beliefs and/or spirituality, and strengths can be put into action for creating solutions and paths to achieve the goals that you have identified for yourself.

Fort Myers, FL, 33901

Clarke Debbie, CADC II


Certified Addiction Counselor

I understand the fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and discouragement of repeating the same cycle over and over again. Drinking too much and embarrassing or humiliating yourself often feels like it is damaging your soul. You keep trying to make changes but don't feel like you can let yourself down anymore. It's time to break this vicious cycle and you don't have to do it alone. I have been helping good people just like you make positive changes with their substance use for over a decade. You can break free and give yourself and your family the life you deserve. Stop letting substances hold you back from achieving your potential.

The first step is a comprehensive assessment that results in a plan based on your goals. The second is achieving those goals through counseling. You'll achieve success by learning the tools and creating strategies that work for you. I meet you where you are on your journey, on your terms, and help you achieve success.

My services are completely confidential and can be provided in my private office or over the telephone. I also help people who need court-ordered assessments or counseling and families who are struggling to help their loved ones. Give me a call today or visit my website today for a free phone consultation.

Campbell, CA, 95008

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