Free Professional Profile

As an APN member, you can create a free professional profile for your private practice. APN will begin heavily promoting its new professional's directory to the general public. Set up your profile now so that you will be included as the public begins to search for professionals in their area.


What are the benefits of having a professional profile on the APN website?


1. You will receive more new clients and patients for your practice.

2. You will increase your practice website's ranking in the major search engines.

3. You will be able to display the "Verified Member of APN" badge on your website.


How do you set up your free professional profile?


1. Log in to the APN website. If you are not a member, visit our website, and click on the "Membership is FREE - Join Now!" blue button in the middle of the page.

2. Once you have logged in, in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click the drop-down arrow for the account menu.

3. Select "Profile".

4. Click on the green button "Create/Update Public Profile".

5. Complete all of the profile information and submit. Please note: When uploading a copy of your credential it must be in PDF format.

6. Your profile information will be verified and made live within 24 hours.


Once your profile is verified, it will be live in our directory. Your membership will then be upgraded to "Verified" and you may access the Member Badge page located on the navigation menu at the top of the page. You may go back to your profile page in your account and update/edit your profile at any time. Please note, any information you provide for the public profile will be accessible by the public. Only enter the information you want publicly available. We have provided an option to hide your practice address and only display the city, state, and zip code if you prefer.

Professionals Profile Screen Capture.jpg