The Profile Marketing Package has everything you need to dominate in private practice with online profiles. Having trouble getting new clients with a profile on Psychology Today? The text content, zip code coverage, and the number of profiles that you have are the key to truly harnessing the power of Psychology Today profiles. Let our experts develop your profile for you and create up to 5 additional profiles that cover the most populated zip codes in your area. This package includes:


  • Complete Psychology Today profile construction including an original personal statement for your profile.
  • Complete Psychology Today profile optimization. We will customize your profile with the settings and features that get you more new clients.
  • Creation of up to 5 additional Psychology Today profiles. All profiles will use the same original content created during the process but will be optimized to cover the most populous zip codes in your county. 


You must provide:


  • A professional-looking photo for your profile.
  • Payment information for additional profiles. Psychology Today will allow one free profile for the first six months. All additional profiles are charged the $29.99 fee upon creation.
  • Website address, email address, and practice phone number. You must have an existing website, email account and phone number for your private practice.


Complete the attached information sheet and return to APN with the included instructions to begin the profile construction process.


APN cannot guarantee the success or results from any profiles on Psychology Today. We can guarantee that we will create an excellent profile that competes with other professional profiles on Psychology Today. Factors such as age, location, session costs, insurance acceptance, education, and credential level can affect profile performance. Profiles are fully delivered and live on Psychology Today with 4 business days of purchase.


Profile Marketing Package

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